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  • Help Me Out & Wish Me Luck!

    I'll be travelling up to Dayton, Ohio with my friend and his aunt to pick up his uncle for the holiday and they want me to capture his flight for them and they say they'll buy the pictures from me.

    I know right now you're saying so what, but he'll be arriving in style in a F16 all the way from Arizona with another pilot to do a flyover of our towns Fourth of July parade down here in Kentucky. I'm assuming I'll be on property and somewhat close to the runway/touchdown point. I hope I don't blow it.

    The weather forecast is partly cloudy and I was wondering if I could get help with the settings for my camera. Iso Speed, Shutter Speed, etc...

    Thanks again for your help.
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography

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    Partly cloudy should be ok as long as there is enough light. Use ISO100 or 200... i use P mode on my camera but i do watch my shutter speed and aperture and ususally it's f/8 or higher. Make sure aperture is atleast f/8 and shutter speed should be 1/320 or higher... it really doesn't matter exactly what it is. Also shoot RAW mode. And deff make sure the sun is at your back. If you follow this you should be able to get the shots... works well for me