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Expande update on CVG/SDF photography trek thru 7/5/04

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  • Expande update on CVG/SDF photography trek thru 7/5/04

    I have spent some 12 hrs at CVG on Friday, Saturday and Monday with nearly 1250 pics that I have dumped from the 300D to the laptop. So far, LOTS of Delta Connection RJ's, DL 732's, 757's and 767's. Hilights of the trip so far were the AirFrance A330 on Friday afternoon and the AF A340-300 this afternoon. Jeez, that 340 is a monster aircraft! could not believe how quiet it was on takeoff. They put her on Rwy 27, the short E-W rwy at CVG and she took off with plenty of room to spare. That was indeed a sight to behold. I will have mucho pics to share when I get back home to my machine with a decent monitor, Photoshop and a broadband connection.

    Expanded update----DL Flt 44 CVG-Paris 777-200 flight was awesome! What an aircraft! It literally dwarfed the 767-300 that took off just in front of her and another that took off just after her. A pair Comair CRJ200 was sitting next to it on the taxiway and it looked like the big Boeing had just given birth to a small litter of pups....
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    8.5 hours!?! Hell I live 10 minutes from CVG and in all my visits haven't been there that long! lol. Can't wait to see the shots, hope they turned out well especially the Air France planes since those are hard to shoot because when they arrive and such with the lighting.
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