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Places to take photos at Manchester (Ringway)??

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  • Places to take photos at Manchester (Ringway)??

    Hi everyone,

    I spend quite a lot of time at MAN taking photographs, and would like to know of any interesting locations to get some different shots.

    I know of the viewing park, the bridelway (24L, where they join), T1 Level 13, the end of T3, and the end of Terminal 2.

    The end of the terminals is a little dodgey these days, as the security is stricter, and the airport police are constantly doing their rounds. I once got a section 44 there, where they take your details to run through there computers, to check your not into terrorism. I dont want that to happen again...!

    Here are the locations im referring to:

    Thr bridelway (Anymore locations around the runways?):

    The viewing park:

    The end of Terminal 2:

    The end of Terminal 3:

    I personally dont have any uploaded taken from Level 13, but im sure you all know where I mean.

    Im just fed up of the same locations, all my photos seem to look the same, I need to get more shots of aircraft arriving/departing, some moving shots if possible.
    I do need somewhere though where its possible to get some good shots with a 3X zoom, as most times my brother is with me and he takes photos too. And if possible, somewhere where we can park to get to these locations.

    Thanks very much for any help,

    Simon Baskerville (Sie! )
    Simon A. Baskerville

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    Hi Simon,
    I have seen some pictures taken from between the 2 runways. I believe you can get there by walking up the opposite side of the roundabout past the two tunnels on the way to the bridleway. (Usually you take the first exit, but go round it approx 3/4 clockwise and there is a gate up there with a path. You have to park in the usual place but you can walk from there)
    As soon as I pass my driving test - next week i hope, I will be going there because it is a very long walk from the terminal - done it once!
    Hope to see you around there.
    Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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      Also, you can drive/walk along the road to cheadle(past the industrial park) and you end up right under the approach path. I went the other week and caught the emirates A330 and almost wet myself! I was so scared I forgot to fire the shutter
      This was shot on a different day.
      I know it is too dark etc. but it came out of the camera in a very bad way!
      BTW. does the airport pub mind if you bring cameras into the garden there? I have always wanted to sit there but didn't think they let.
      Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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        Thanks very much for the info, I'll have to try this place, sounds great. Maybe we will bump into one andother one very likely.

        The airport pub does let you use your camera in the beer garden, there are many photos on here taken from there, although I havent been there myself.

        How did the driving test go? Hope all went well! Cant wait to start learning to drive, another 5 month to wait though....

        Thanks again


        Ps. Soz for the long delay in me replying.
        Simon A. Baskerville


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          Taking it on monday.

          Hope to see you around.
          I have an eos30e film slr and a kodak dx6340.
          Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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            The 24L rotation spot is good


            I'm usually there on a Saturday or Sunday.



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              I was up at the weekend. I'd definitely go again - it's a wonderful place. Met Jason, Dale (I think it was Dale) and another fellow whose name escapes me who kept making me laugh. I've got some more stuff I need to edit and upload.

              By the way, anyone give me a clue about the bad info on this?


              Customer number by any chance? I don't want to re-upload if I'm missing something blindingly obvious.




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                Hi James,
                Yeah I'm Dale It was nice meeting you at weekend BTW, I think it was James Rowson (B7772ADL) who you mean.

                About the 752 Tommy Cook pic you posted... I think it's because you didn't give the full aircraft type. It's a Boeing 757-28A

                Hope this helps James



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                  Cheers Dale. Was good to bump into so many people. I'll probably pop up again later this year.


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                    Also cn=27621/738

                    Hope it gets accepted
                    Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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                      I hope so too. I'll pop it into the queue when I get home. That was the only frame of that day that even has a glimmer of sunlight in it!

                      Still, it wouldn't be England if the weather didn't interfere with outdoors activity.