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    Dear All
    I am going to Frankfurt this weekend and wondered if anyone knows the local area around the airport.
    I will be going to the viewing terrace they have there but would also like to go the spotters corner on runway 18.
    Can someone please give me advise on how to get there,i will be on foot so it will have to be public transport.
    I have also been told taking my scanner won't be a good idea,has anyone had any problems at Frankfurt with there scanner.


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    haven't had any trouble with my scanner @ FRA


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      hello Spotter
      Have you used the scanner on the viewing terrace?
      I will be flying to FRA from the UK,so don't want my scanner taken off me at the terminal.



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        yep, but in my pocket, with earplugs (or however you call them


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          Hi Ian,

          scanners, well, not allowed but a lot of people using them even on the viewing terrace.

          Rwy18 (after 3pm the light gets better with every hour):
          There is a small viewing platform but you might still need a small ladder or a step. There is a fence in front of you but sometimes you can manage to shoot over the fence if you go on the platform to the right side where the fence is lower. But it can be very very crowded on weekends on the platform.

          How to get to the photo spots:
          07 / 18:
          You need a car ! There is no public transport and it is a 6 kilometer walk from the terminal. Leave the airport, turn left, direction to the Cargo area and follow along the big concret wall all around the airport. There is a lot of parking space available but it is quite crowed on weekend, especially when the sun is shining.

          maybe you want to go to the 25 approach by foot (light is good in the morning):
          go to terminal 2, leave the the terminal, go down the ramp on the left side and follow the street to your right along terminal 2 along the Airport fence. There is a paved walkway / bicycle trail around the airport. It is about 20-30min to walk. On your right side there is the airport, on your left the is a highway. You can't miss the spot.

          Weather forecast for this weekend: bad - cold and rain showers!!! Therefore I will fly to the Cote d'Azur
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            Thanks very much for that.
            All the best