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Don't doubt the 75-300 USM...

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    I like the 100-400 better.
    No... Serious now... It's not really fair to compare, and the 75-300 is a fine lens. Especially for the price it's excellent. But the pictures you show above are pretty normal 75-300 output, don't you think? What I DO like to see it compared to is a Sigma or Tokina 75-300 (direct competitor to the Canon 75-300). I've never seen a 100% image taken with one of those before.


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      I agree Kyuss, also, it is important to know roughly what percentage of my pics with the 75-300 turn out as sharp as those of the 100-400. The 100-400 has a much higher rate of getting the shot in perfect focus, all the time! Also it has faster AF and less hunting in more difficult situations.

      But its all relative to how you will use the camera. If you know your stuff's limitations and can work to their edges, you will produce great images with any combo of camera/lenses.

      When I used the Sigma 28-300...I'd say only 50% of the shots were acceptably sharp.