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Dedicated to MP's at TUL

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  • Dedicated to MP's at TUL

    Well I decided to do some spotting today at TUL. The airport police have been very good about leaving me alone for the last couple of weeks. I think they finally got the clue that I was only at the airport to take pics, but I still have to deal with the Military police. This morning I was flagged down by an MP as I was leaving the airport. This MP told me that he was getting several calls about arriving flight being nervous about me taking pictures(I ask myself, so why did'nt the airport police get any phone calls?). All that was coming out of his mouth was blah blah blah, you can't take pics of this and that. Then he tried to tell me not to come back here and take pics because it would make their job alot easier, which really pissed me off because all they do while I take my pictures is open and close a gate to let vehicles in and out. Plus I like to shoot from this spot because everybody can see what im doing. Oh yea, did I mention that this is on an observation spot that the airport put for the public, so I would like to dedicate these pics to the MP's at TUL since im not allowed to take pictures of these planes.

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    Tell them to stay on their side of the fence and you will stay on yours. They tried the same thing with me if you will recall. They came over to "visit" me with slung M16's. The lawyer in me came out quickly and they decided that maybe they weren't as sure as they thought they were about their ability to run someone off from the Tulsa Airport Authority viewing area. I would suggest that first thing in the morning you call Ken Miller, the Airport Operatons Director and discuss the matter with him. He is a helluva nice guy and is sympathetic to the problems that we have in that N observation area in dealing with the AirGuard "police". Another avenue is General H. M. Wyatt in OKC. Gen. Wyatt is the former wing commander of the 138th and is now the State Adjutent General. He is a 2 star and carries a big stick with the folks at the Tulsa base. Also contact the current Wing Commander at the 138th and let him know what his boys are doing. Hang in there. It is not illegal to take pics of the jets and the sooner they learn it, the better off they will be.

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      I was at Wright Patterson the Friday before the 4th with my friend to pick up his uncle and his wingman. They were flying their F16's in for the weekend. The Base Operations building was closed so we walked around to the fence on the side and she tried to open a door to a hangar. Her being his wife. Next thing we know an MP jumps out of his awesome looking van and comes up and is like what are you doing. She explained and he didn't really say much. He kind of acted like he would let us in, but he was pretty confused. Until his partner jumped out and said "No absolutely not, you can't come out on to the flight line. Not during these times." She was like well it's weird because out at Luke in Arizona they don't even have fences around the runways and we can go out whenever we want and the MP was like "well not here." So we waited outside the fence until they landed. They drove away about 50 yards, with their van pointed towards us not taking their eyes off of us. Once he was out of his jet he had the crew van drive him up to the fence. He told us to go around front and wait. He came through the building and we went through the building and the women at the desk overlooking the field said we were fine and could go take pictures and do whatever. So we went out there, climbed all over the jets, took pictures and the cops didn't do a thing because they knew they were overpowered. I love when people go on a power trip. I got this awesome photo of the cockpit from it.


      My brother is an MP, but I surely hope he doesn't act like that. Then again he gets fun assignments such as special events here in Kentucky. This year he was one of Jessica Simpson's bodyguards at the Kentucky Derby. Every assignment he has is guarding someone, not a gate at an airport, which is cool.
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