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  • DFW Founders' Plaza Question

    Has anyone been to Founders' Plaza this time of year? I'm thinking of going there this Saturday and probably expecting winds from the South which would have planes taking off over me. Anyone recommend a time of day or care to join me? I may actually go in the evening around sunset and stay to do some long exposures.
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    i dont read this forum too often, I just saw this posting -

    Founders Plaza is great no matter what direction the planes are coming and going - if they are landing from the north then planes will taxi right in front of you - I have found the best time is to get there around 2pm and there are sometimes 777's that will taxi by - if coming in from the south they land right in front of you...the airport police cruise the area regularly but dont bother you...I am generally there in the afternoons before work from about 2-245pm and have got some great shots...