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    I have just been chosen to take photographs of all the Columbus, Ohio fire apparatus (Engine, Medics, Ladders, and other misc trucks) So of you know that I have the 10D camera which I know will cover the good photo's aspect of it. But my problem is, I don't have the best glass in the business (just a plain jane 28mm to 80mm no IS not a L Canon lens) I am looking at the 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC ( 6th lens down from the top) but I have not been able to find it here in CMH, I do not have the $ for a L lens. A local camera store has a Ultrasonic lens 24mm-70mm Canon lens for about the same price ($260) as the Sigma will cost me. Sooooooo I'm at a crossroads do I go with the Canon or the Sigma via E-bay or somewhere.

    Most of these shot will be @ the station and all will be in the daylight. In all we have over 34 front line engines 11 Ladder trucks and 34 front line medics and 5 rescues, this does not include extra engines and medics. Lots of equipment, and no I am not getting paid. (But I am turning this into a side job for myself here in the Central Ohio area) This is for the department because of a different orginzation that I am in (non-profit) helps and works with the FD at all major fires. (no not the goofy Red Cross)

    So if anyone knows anyone witht he above lens please send me some test shots. thanks in advance

    Below is a few shots from last month NAS-T drill these are unprocessed the only thing I have done to them is re-size them to fit here

    Thanks for any info you all can provide.

    Thanks again

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    After reading your post, I am fairly sure that you would be just fine with either the Sigma or Canon lens on the 10D. In fact, I like the sample images you posted and I'm not too sure how you want to improve on those shots. One of the best buys I ever made when it comes to lenses was the Sigma 28-135mm f/3.8-5.6 - best thing about this lens is that it's seriously CHEAP!

    You can see examples here - just remember that these are random examples and some are definitely the product of shooters that simply don't know how to use their equipment. There are some decent examples mixed in as well.

    I am a press/emergency services photographer with a passion for capturing fire service scenes. Most of my shots are done with a Sigma 24mm f/1.8 and a 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom, but I also use that trusty 28-135mm for various shots. Best of luck with your project!

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