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    Ages ago I was asked what the viewing deck was like here at NZCH, i gave them a brief answer and said Ill give more detail later, here is the extra detail.

    After climbing the stairs, if you walk to the furthermost left hand side of the deck and look left you will see the Qantas terminal, and runway 29, which is used in Nor West Conditions.

    Pretty much below you is two gates fro Saabs, Beeches etc but occasionally 733s park there to.

    If you turn a bit to your right, you will be looking at the start of the AirNZ 733 gates.

    Here the deck becomes a bit obscured by the roof of the Koru Club Lounge, However if you go into the lounge itself you get a great view of the alps and a few other gates.

    Looking over part of the roof lets you see down to runway 02.

    Moving to the right hand side you will be on the other side of the Lounge. You can also see the Aero club, which if you go to and ask nicely they will let you go up on the balcony to take photos.

    If you look over teh roof you will see where runways 02/20 and 11/29 meet.

    If you turn to your right a bit you will see the AirNZ ATRs,

    Finally turning a bit more right you can see the International terminal.
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash