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    Originally posted by Colin Parker
    Please don't get the idea that I am saying you should start accepting all sorts of rubbish, but I feel that there is definately room for the jetphotos staff to strive for improvement. This is already a very good website, but there should not be complacency, and improvement should be regarded as an everyday goal. I have seen plenty of photos in recent times (and in increasing number) rejected for photo quality with disregard for subject quality. I feel this is an area you guys can start improving. Now just like you wish photographers could take critisism about their photos, I hope that you can accept this critisism as well, which is constructive, and not mud slinging.
    I'm very intrigued by this comment. To be totally honest, I havent seen something really "interesting" even though its low quality in recent times. Perhaps cos I'm a little slack when it comes to screening. Perhaps its the luck of the draw.

    Could you point me/us to the these images which you consider interesting, and that were rejected? I'm not trying to put down things, but if you can provide such eg, we could discuss it internally amongst ourselves and see how we could better the service.