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    OK Torin, heres your latest fan :P .
    they are rightfully rejected, the rejection reasons are not drastic.
    Could possibly be saved with a bit of unsharp mask. As could.

    Nonce of the rejections reasons are far out they are all fair.
    Just need cropping closer.
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      Well one that is pissing me off is the DC-9 tail, its says window glare, well, I sure as hell dont see any.


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        So let me get this strait, they reject a few of mine, especially the 753, which shows a ton of detail, but yet they accept one like this:


        As for the one marked subject to far away- no different then this one:


        As for Aircraft not centered in frame


        As for the DC-9 at the gate


        Couldnt find one that was exactly the same spot as mine, but ive seen on, which is harder to get accepted get them several times.


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          Here are my opinions, for what they're worth:

          1) Soft/Grainy/Maybe even out of focus? Try sharpen (USM) more, and remove the grain using whatever method you prefer (Neatimage, etc.)

          2) Soft/Grainy/Window reflections/Maybe unlevel

          3) Too much stuff chopped off (nose gear, etc.)/Soft. If the original image has it, try including the bottom portions of the nose gear and tug

          4) Rejection reason pretty self-explanatory ... try cropping closer to the a/c if your original image resolution allows you to without losing too much quality

          5) Same as 4)

          6) Nose cut off/Window reflections

          7) Same as 4) + not centered

          Backlit is self-explanatory, nose gear chopped off, a little too much destracting ramp equipment

          9) Sharpen more, and maybe crop out the wing at the bottom

          10) Rejection reasons self-explanatory

          11) Soft/slightly out of focus/maybe unlevel?

          12) unfortunately, too much of the a/c is blocked by the jetbridge

          13) not centered/bad cropping/unlevel - try including the nose gear and the engines

          14) lots of glare, especially at the bottom. try playing with levels

          15) sharpen it some more and it should make it

          great pics by the way ... especially the airport overview. just tweak your cropping/editing a bit and many of these should make it.
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            On 14 i still dont see the glare, I see the faded colors due to the old tail, but Im not seeing any glare.


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              unless the screener thought that this was glare i can't see it either

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                Originally posted by PIAA310
                unless the screener thought that this was glare i can't see it either

                If thats it, youve got to be S**Tin me


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                  Hi Chris never take any rejections personal. Just learn from your mistakes, which at first don't seem evident but trough time you will be able to see them yourself. Don't appeal. Here's my opinion;

                  1. Needs to be sharpened
                  2. When taking wing views it's better to clean the glass. If it's from the other side... well bad luck. And it's undersharpened as well
                  3. Needs sharpening and when parts are cut off for ex. the nose gear and fin it's no good and could be cropped tighter as well (the truck wasn't that important)
                  4. Crop tighter
                  5. Same here crop tight.
                  6. Now you went too close and left parts missing out of the a/c. And in my opinion it's over exposed as well
                  7. Crop Tight and centre the image (Here's How: photoedge to back of the plane = A, photoedge to front of the plane = B. A and B must be similar. photoedge to top of the plane = X, photoedge to bottom of the plane = Y. X and Y must be similar. theres no need for AB and XY to be smilar to each other)
                  8. The sun is shining on the other side of the a/c leaving the side you shot too dark. Nothing to do with this one realy.
                  9. Needs Sharpening
                  10. The reason the a/c came blurry is because your focus was aimed on the houses in the backround. There isn't much you can do again here.
                  11. Your focus was incorrect again.
                  12. There too many things distracting us from the a/cs
                  13. When taking close ups like these don't leave essential things out or don't incude them in the first case. eg. Half engine, half nose gear, half winglet, half tail, etc.
                  14. Same as 13. and I don't see any window glare here.
                  15. This is your best shot in this bunch in my opinion but needs sharpening and cropping.

                  Hope this helps.


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                    Whoah there tiger.

                    Some clearly should have made it in my opinion, but thats JP for ya...

                    Some of the most perfect pics Ive taken in my opinion have been rejected but the ones I didnt really expect to get accepted, did.... its funny how things work.
                    Ryan Davis
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                      I agree with all these rejections.And about the examples,Chris,the second one is not a subject too far away case,it´s just not full problem about that.The other two,well,you´re right,but I´ve learned something here...screeners are human too!They´re not photo screening machines,they can be wrong sometimes(here at JP is really not common,but it happens).
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                        One thing that I have learned here is that you don't gain anything by using other people's shots to justify your own...I think we all agree that on occasion something will slip past, or one screener won't take exception to it but another one will. They're only human.

                        And regarding the shot you mentioned, Chris:
                        While, yes, there is a glare from the sun on it, I personally find it a great shot. The composition, thought, and execution required a great deal of planning...not to mention a bit of outright luck. The final results, coupled with those things IMHO override and concern about the sun glare. When I see that shot, it embodies all the good things about spotting...AND he got the beacon.
                        Just my $.02 worth.
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                          Oh sure despite of the sun glare it´s a very good shot..the photographer had a great idea.I particullarly like 'spotters-in-action' type of shots like this.
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                            Im not a big fan of that one either, its a good shot but the people just get in the way


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                              There really is NO point comparing your pictures to those already in the database. Acceptance standards have slowly and steadily gone up (this is a good thing), and therefore pictures that may have made it in about a year back might not make it in now. Classic examples, look at my pictures. Every one of them sucks, and going by today's standards, NONE would have made it into the database.

                              Eg: [photoid=102202]

                              The second one IMO is one of my better ones but even that wouldn't make it in today. So really no point comparing.
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