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    Just looked in my 300D manual and there is nothing in the index about tripods. I'd therefore like to get the advice and wisdom of others?

    I'd like to get a cheap/light weight tripod for my camera. But I don't know the first thing about them. Will just about any tripod fit my camera or do I have to go looking for a particular connector?

    Any brands known for their quality and value?

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    Your camera manual will not tell you anything about tripods because it's only about the camera.

    All current cameras use the same screw in fitting for tripods. You just need to go down to your local camera dealer and ask them to recomend one that fits your budget.

    Beware though that you get what you pay for (as with anything in life). The purpose of a tripod is to provide a secure and sturdy means of holding your camera still in a particular orientation. The cheaper they are, the more flimsy they tend to be and thus not as good at holding the camera still in (for example) windy conditions.

    Good luck!



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      i have a similar question... how much should a kid on a budget spend on a tripod? 20 bucks alright?
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        Dont buy the cheap ones on Ebay, you know the 9.99 to 19.99 dollar ones they are not worth it. If you value your 300D get a good one do some reseach on some photo web sites and spend a few bucks for a nice one you wont regret it


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          My local camera store was trying to sell $200 tripods to me...
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            Slick 16, but thats a matter of how much you wanna spend, its quite heavy, but extremely versatile and sturdy.
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              I thought my 15 Jessops one was good until i stuck my 100-400 on it. At that point the thing started feeling very flimsy, and the lock mechanisms kept slipping....i'll now only use it with smaller lenses on.


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                Thanks for all the info so far. Is anyone familiar with the Velbon 347 Maxi range? I've read a good review?

                I'd budgets 50-70 pounds

                Also changing the topic slightly. Does anyone know any good shops for getting photography equipment near Miami Airport (MIA). I should be there next month and I may wait and take advantage of the UK vs US$ rate if it stays where it is.

                I've found Aventura Mall which has a Wolf Camera but others may be closer. Plan to shop once the light fades so it needs to be open late.
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                  I use a $150 dollar tripod wtih a $150 head on it. I also have a $100 monopod.

                  I need my support to be steady, and reliable. I'm not going to put a $5000 camera setup on a $50 tripod.

                  Manfrotto equiptment all the way.


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                    Don't forget monopods ! I use a cheep one (19) and it has been the best 19quid I have spent in years