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  • Bad info rejection

    Hi guys

    I had this photo rejected by bad info:

    I appealed it and got it rejected again with a note saying to use the autofill function. The thing is I used the auto fill function when I uploaded the shoot. Also, when I went to the database I found the same info displayed on the online photos of D-ABAI.
    So, why is this badinfo? The airline name is correct, the aircraft type is correct, the airport is correct and the date is correct.

    If any of the screeners could be kind enough to tell me what badinfo on this shoot I would apreciate, so that I can correct it and upload it again.

    Best regards
    Luis Gonçalves

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    I must say that this is often quite an annoying issue. Often I get 'bad info' rejections despite the fact I already have 4-5 photos of the same aircraft accepted with exactly the same data as the rejected photo. However an appeal describing this has always been accepted and the photo rejection overturned.


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      The auto-fill function of the data base is by no means perfect. Its should always be checked and if you do find any errors..

      Do you see errors with the auto-filled aircraft type above?
      If so, please File A Correction!
      Hopefully making the data base a better place for everyone