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Any chance to save this pic?

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  • Any chance to save this pic?

    Hello Guys,
    Its me again guys.  This time, i wanted to ask you for your help again with an other special pic FOR ME!  Yesterday a LYNDEN AIR CARGO L-100 from ALASKA arrived for the US-Military to UIO.  The climate once again was very bad, and i got a descent shot, but i wanted to ask anybody to help me editing it.
    Its already LEVELED, just needs to be touched up.  Any one pelase help, thanks  When finished, please send it to [email protected] or post it here.  Bye

    Picture here
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    [email protected]

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    I don't have Photoshop on this computer, but the very first thing I would do is crop closer, and resize to 1024 px wide.

    The smaller resolution would hide the photos flaws (like noise, quality, etc.).

    That should be a good start.

    Good luck.
    Will F.
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      Just had a bit of a play with it. I'm no photoshop expert, but here's my go. I'm still debating whether the colour saturation is a little high of not. I haven't cropped the photo any, but you might want to crop a little closer to the aircraft.

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        Here is my 5 minute effort, hopefully it should point you in the right direction.

        Sharpened a bit, remove the noise and tweek the colours. Then crop and resize. What do you think ?



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          Say hello to my little friend...Mr neatimage


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            There are just too many "dead pixels" in this shot. I wouldnt upload this one if I were you. But a nice capture for your PC to say the least



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              Originally posted by jid
              Here is my 5 minute effort.....
              duh... 5 minutes Thats really quick for such an improved images if I may say so. Quite impressive Jid!

              cheers, Pamela


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                Thank you all. The pics look much nicer. Ill do my best now to fix them to crop them. Thanks really. This pic was also specila (LIKE THE IBERWORLD A330). This one LYNDEN AIR CARGO never came back. But well, i did my best.
                UIO Spotter #1 - Ecuador aviation photography at its best!

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