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    Not much wrong with the moon shot.

    Most reviews say that this lens is fine up to 250mm and then starts to lose it.
    I have also bought an 75-300mm USM IS recently and so far can't complain if you work within its limits. As already suggested try not to go below f8. As far as L glass is conerned , great if you have the money but in my opinion if you buy Canon you pay a premium for the brand. I suspect thet Sigma offer similar quality for lower cost??


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      Someone feels stupid for saying the Canon 75-300 could't hold its shite

      Another 75-300 shot that "sucks"


      (Because i dont need to plug the version )


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        Originally posted by DeltaASA16
        (Because i dont need to plug the version )
        Did that shot even get accepted here? The nose looks pretty blurry. :P

        J/K! Great shot!
        Will F.
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          All i can say is Thanks! i'm now sorted with the lense and as the link didn't work before here is a shot i managed with it.

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