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    Hello all! I'm just getting into (trying) to get some of my photos on the web. On my trip to Orlando this August I took this photo the 727 I rode on. The prints are great quality and you can read all the little writings on the fuselage. I cant get it to scan write(the colors, see the trees.) Any sugestions? Thanks.

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    It all depends on the quality of the scanner and the settings you are using. You'll have to play around with the contrast/brightness of the scanner and always scan at the highest quality settings. With the look of this scan, you are using a flatbed scanner? You won't get results as good as if you were using a slide ans slide scanner. However, I'm sure you'll be able to get better results if you play around with the scanner settings. particularly the contrast and brightness (your scan looks a little bright and too much contract), You may also be able to adjust the colour saturation to make the colours more vivid. You really need to post edit any scan, just like pictures using a digital camera as well. Try resizing to 1024 x 756.

    I've had 30 second play with the picture in Photoshop.

    Good luck,

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      Did a little work in PS: