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Canon EF 75-300mm III USM no more?

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  • Canon EF 75-300mm III USM no more?

    So I heard it's been replaced by the 90-300mm USM. Is this true? I have a funny feeling the salesperson told me this because they didn't have the 75-300 in stock, but then again Canon New Zealand's website doesn't list the 75-300 anymore.

    Should I look for a 75-300mm USM or just get the 90-300mm USM? I think the extra 25mm could make a difference

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    That doesn't sound a partcularly good move by Canon if they had discontinued it, as it sells very well, and i'd guess it's one of their best selling consumer lenses. If anything the price of them has risen in the last year or so since the 300D went mainstream.

    All 3 versions of the MkIII are still listed on Canon UK, so i guess it's not gone yet.


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      75-300 is still listed on Canon USA. The 90-300 isn't even on there.
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