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    In the Summer I managed to get my Canon 300D + 75-300mm. I had happy shooting, and I feel I didnt get it in the best time of the year as weather in the Uk in last quarter isn't great.
    I have been thinking of a new lens all that time and I have ordered the 28-135 IS (well my dad did I'm only 15), and am looking forward to recieving it.
    In the time I have had the camera I have racked up 80 photos of the database of good standard I feel and he highlight was capturing N775UA (wat a beauty).
    I wold appreciate if all you guys put your most viewed, most underated, your favourites in your posts so we can all hear about each others years. Cheers.
    Most viewed:

    My favourites:

    Most underated:

    Thanks for looking I will enjoy looking at yours

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    Great photos, I have only gotten four accepted in about a year
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      Most Viewed:

      This one was the first picture on the web of this new airline! Shot at Abu Dhabi doing testflights the day before they went into service.

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        I got a Editors Choice Photo with around 25,000 views

        I also managed to get the number of photos I have in the database to over 1600


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          WAit a second.. we can't post thumbnails of pictures anymore?


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            Originally posted by DeltaASA16
            WAit a second.. we can't post thumbnails of pictures anymore?
            Kevin is working on it -- should be available again in the next couple of days.

            On the subject, let's not forget that we had the first pic of UA's new colors 4 days before anyone else, courtesy of yours truly!

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              60,500 views is quite enough, no? :P
              Will F.
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                Most viewed was the hot photo of the first Turkish Airlines A321


                Most viewed normal photo was


                Some of the better from that year were


                (screeners choice - my first)


                ( my latest Screeners choice)

                [photoid=397405] ( my latest Screeners choice)
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                  At last managed to reach the 500th photo milestone
                  817 views, still my # 1,
                  accepted much later
        , shows as the next # 1 with 800 views.
                  Most underrated with just 108 views

                  Favourite ? All,

                  Thanks for visiting
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                    My first full year as DSLR. I got to go to FLL, RSW, MCO, DAB, LAX, SAN, ATL, BWI, IAD, DCA, RDU, LYH, W24, ANP, FME, PHL. I also continued meeting photographers. Namely James Rowson, Dale Coleman, Kevin Cadd, Jurgen Radier and Chris Kilroy. I also got to see Adam Wright a lot. April, May, July, Aug and Nov. To see my pics click on the link in my sig. i ain't going to go through all of them to plu...I mean post.
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                      geez greg, after telling you at least 5 times after we got back from LAX, you still manage to spell my name wrong. It's Radier, not Raider . You better fix that before we meet again.....


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                        Most popular


                        Guess I'm not the only one who loves the MD11 cockpit.

                        My first (and so far only) screener's choice


                        Favourites...I'll quote Alain on this answer..."all of them"


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                          Well 2004 has certainly been a pretty good year for me photography wise. I started out with a Fuji Finepix 2600Z, and in February I got a new camera, a Fuji Finepix 2800Z, basically an upgrade from the 2600Z with more optical zoom. 287 Shots have been uploaded from this camera in 2004.

                          As the year went on and many visits to MAN came and passed I started to get fed up with lots of out of focus action shots, lots of jpeg compression, overall bad quality and not enough reach for the kind of shots I wanted.

                          Over the past 6 months I have been working towards and saving up for my first DSLR which I was starting to get very desperate for! When the 20D was released I placed my order, but by mid December it had not been delivered and I was starting to get wrestless!

                          So a week before christmas I pulled out all the stops and purchased all my extras and a Canon EOS 10D! For the price of the 20D I could have got almost 2 20D's! So I opted for the 10D and still have a healthy bank account at the end of all my purchases! There is still some odds and ends to get (L Glass!!) but all that matters to me is that ive finally taken the huge step I have been waiting for and look forward to uploading many many more images to!

                          So here is the lowdown on a few shots......

                 --> Most Popular Hot Photo (First PIA 747 In New Colours)
                 --> Most Popular Normal Shot (PIA 747 With Cracked Windscreen)
                 --> Favorurite Shot Of 2004
                 --> Most under-rated shot of 2004

                          With 949 photos in the database im hopefully going to hit over 1000 within January 2005. I also have to say a huge thanks for everybody who I have met this year within the hobby and to all of the people who have helped me over the years, many of these guys are in this shot, but for the many more who are not, Thanks alot guys heres to 2005!!

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                            Originally posted by Spotter
                            geez greg, after telling you at least 5 times after we got back from LAX, you still manage to spell my name wrong. It's Radier, not Raider . You better fix that before we meet again.....
                            I had an "L" in it before this latest misspelling. I now dub you "Jurgen Jones". I can remember that.


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                              For me 2004 was a bit of a rebirth! I went from having no real direction in my life to realizing my dream job and my future career (with WN)! I can thank and for that. My love of the concorde led me to both sites and the rest as they say is history!

                              I started 2004 with a Canon A75 (3mpxl) and have now upgraded to a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 because I needed more resolution, zoom, and I was getting really tired of "X" aircraft crossing the usual bridge. I have been able to greatly expand my efforts and am not limited to the same general area anymore.

                              On to the best of '04:

                     ---> Most viewed @ 822

                     ---> My Favorite

                     ---> My First Photo Uploaded!

                     ---> Most underated

                              Here's to a bright 2005! Cheers!
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