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    2004 was a great year for me JP-wise.

    Got my 300D.

    Got my first Screener's Choice:

    Got my first Hot New Ticker Photo:

    Incidentally, those are also my two most popular photos. So, the third most popular would be:

    Two personal favourites:

    And lastly, I also became a screener.
    Will F.
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      Originally posted by Crazy764
      And lastly, I also became a screener.
      No doubt through bribery and treachery.


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        Originally posted by Greg
        No doubt through bribery and treachery.
        Let's change topics...

        Your sig is too large. :P
        Will F.
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          I got two screeners choice, got my new EOS 30, High res upload permission and a few high res shots from my point n shoot.
          Sam Rudge
          A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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            Well, 2004 was the inital start of my aviation photography part of this great hobby. It all started in March, I was too excited and wasted my money on a 2MP camera not doing any research or asking anyone, just bought something cheap after I read around on this site from people saying that they used 2MP cameras and they got shots accepted. So me being stupid and absent-minded didnt even check the features of the camera, and just went for something cheap on ebay! I later learned it had NO optical zoom either. Oh well, Id have to deal with it.... Id spend hours of friday afternoons and evenings going to JFK/LGA after school taking shots, mostly I would take quick snaps due to my fear of getting caught by police! I would come home, upload and get reject, after reject, after reject. Sometimes I would hate myself for making such a stupid mistake. I then realized that maybe i have to do some POST EDITING via photoshop, neatimage etc. I STILL DONT DO THAT!!! too lazy i guess, or just didnt care.
            Well, then I took the camera on my flight to ORD, destined and determined to get a shot accepted.
            FINALLY I DID, and my first and only shot of the year!!!!!!!!


            Hopefully I get more shots accpeted in 2005 with my 2MP, and Im trying to get a Olympus or FZ-10 whichever I find a better deal on! However this year im determined that I can do it with my 2MP and get more shots. I havent gone to the airports since June, but I'm determined and therefore going to LGA tomorrow after school to put into practice what I have learned since March!!!
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              2004? Sh!t, I can't remember what happened 20 minutes ago. Being Busy as hell + No license yet + Buffalo weather = Haven't been to the airport since August. Plus it's cold as hell outside and I just don't wanna fvckin stand in it.


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                2004 wa smy first year with a DSLR. Got about 470 pictures added to the database and shots a # of airports:

                LYH, W24, W90, IAD, DCA, BWI, ADW, W95, CHO, ROA, TRI, VJI, RDU, ATL, DAB, JAX, MTH, PBI, TYS, AVL, LAX, LAS, VCV, MHV, PIT, 0J1, CVG, EVV...

                People I met up with over 2004: ( Photographers)
                Pete Ganabathi
                Greg Dewey
                Mike Costigliola
                Jordan Brost
                Omar Sherbini
                Scott Hoggard
                Chris Kilroy
                Chris Starnes
                Jonathan Derden
                Mike Egan
                Kevin Cadd
                Dale Coleman
                James Rowson
                Jurgen Radier
                Ken Cheung
                Anne Deus
                Oktawian Kosiorek
                Michael W. Rosa

                Got 1 Photo of the Week.
                Got a few Screener Choices.
                Got a picture of my Beauty N184DN

                Did not get a picture of my Delta Connection ASA honey = N889AS. (Goal for 2005)

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                  added alot of photos in 2004, not sure that i have a favourite though! screened close to 10000 shots from JP also, did alot of travelling to various parts of the world too, came back with some great stuff!

                  my favourite


                  next trips
                  USA/DXB August.


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                    My most popular shot of 2004 was from January:


                    (edited to replace link with thumbnail)
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                      Originally posted by Crazy764
                      Let's change topics...

                      Your sig is too large. :P
                      Looks right to me.


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                        Well since I am still uploading slides from 2004, here are the numbers including some from 2003(Sept-Dec 03)

                        Most Popular and Screeners Choice:

                        Least popular:

                        Personal Favorite:


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                          2004 images

                          I took this image quite recently, and thought it closed out the year nicely, a perfect plane for DFW!


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                            My 2004 facts

                            Total number of photos now in DB: 710
                            Screeners Choice: 21
                            Photo of The Week: 1
                            Locations: MUC,ZRH,SZG,INN,AMS,BON,FNC and some others including 1 airshow.
                            Most popular because it was a POTW:

                            Otherwise most popular:

                            My Top 3 favorites (MD-11 baby! ):

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                              I started in March and had exactly 800 photos on the site as of Dec. 31st, I guess that's ok considering I used a $180 camera for 600 of the shots and live two hours from the nearest commercial airport. It's amazing to see how much better the quality of my pictures are now when compared to what they used to be (although none of them are that great).

                              Most popular:
                              Favorites (I was hoping these ones would get screeners choice, but I guess the screener didn't care for them):
                              Underrated (this one has 22 times more hits at another large aviation photography site):

                              Hopefully we all have a successful '05.
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                                Most popular:


                                Favourites: they change by the day, but here are the current ones:

                                (for the subject matter, not the quality of the shot -- greatest fighter of all time) and


                                Underrated: hard to say but perhaps I'd hoped for a bit more from this one: