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  • Rejected - Not Happy!


    Am new to this site and have been enjoying it. I have uploaded a few images, and have instant adds. However, I had the below rejected for being digitaly manipulated...

    Am not happy, because other than crop, colour and sharpening there has been NO manipulation.

    what you reckon? is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

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    There is nothing wrong with that rejection I would say. It is almost like it is digital. Something out of like Star wars. There are no flap markings on the wings. The registration is almost glazed over.


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      Looks like you've used neat image there? If so, that's what I think has killed this shot. I have to say that it just doesn't look like a real photo, although I'm pretty sure it is real.

      My advise would be to give your images just one run through neat image, it usually does the trick. More than once and the photo/s can start to look abit dodgy.

      Rgds, Dale


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        Hello Above and Beyond,

        Dale got it right. Digital manipulation doesn't mean you faked the shot or anything like that. In this case, it just means you used neatimage (or photoshop, or any other noise removal program) so much that the photo looks unnatural now.

        Otherwise it's a great shot!
        Try re-editing and resubmitting.

        - Will
        Will F.
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          Not to mention BadInfo too.


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            does look at bit fake,but im sure its not

            Regards sam


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              Hi Aaron,

              I have to agree with the above posts mentioning the use of Neat image, if you used it you may have used too much of it. The reg on the aircraft is a typical example of neat image use, its realy soft and blurred. Im not implying you used it, but it does have the signs of neat image.

              On the other hand I do like the shot, and sometimes you can get an odd shot where the aircraft 'sticks' out, and im sure an appeal would be welcome?

              Catch you soon m8.
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                I trust you that it's real, but question to all though- don't 744 flaps have another slot in them? That's a nice angle you got there though- nice job!
                Click below.



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                  Originally posted by sam12345
                  does look at bit fake,but im sure its not

                  Regards sam
                  So do yours By the looks of it to me the plane looks very bright...


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                    Thanks for the replies... I gott say, you're a friendly bunch. The photo is genuine, it was taken for Rolls-Royce when I was a presspass member for the wings & strings event. I have much success with this photo commercially and the internet, and thought I'd share it with you. Obviously its not quite JP quality yet, so I will take onboard your advice and improve it where I can.

                    The photo was ran through a neatimagePlug that I am beta testing for them, overall its had mixed results. I thought the photo looked rather good myself, and expected that the reg would look distorted either way when you consider the distance between myself and the plane.

                    I will re-upload minus the the plugin and see what happens.

                    Overall, I am very happy with this website & appreciate all your advice.



                    PS: How do I get my pic to work on my profile?


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                      That looks awesome lol.

                      Then again it looks like something out of flight sim.


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                        when i first saw it i thought it was rejected b/c it was a modle(and a danm good one at that!) lol, but ya, could be a good pic, just to much neat image
                        ^----raveing lunatic

                        please excuse my horendus mangeling of the english language, its only my first :P


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                          I really like that photograph, even if it does look a bit unearthly, it's awesome.
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                            It looks oversharpened.

                            You can tell especially around the registration and SAA titles.
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                              It looks like someone got greedy in Photoshop.
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