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Thoughts on Canon 100-400L????

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  • Thoughts on Canon 100-400L????

    Was wondering what you think of this lens, and if you would recomend it to others? How do you cope with the weight of it? At what aperture have you gotten the best results?( if weather is sunny ) Is there anything you dislike about the lens? Do you find the "push-pull" zoom, difficult to use, compared to the Twist barrel zoom?

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    Look at Jid Webb's photos from Manchester, UK. He uses it.


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      No, He uses a 35-350
      Sam Rudge
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        I will say the push pull feature can be a pain in the butt. With the lock ring; it can be too tight and you might not be able to adjust it in time; and if it's too loose it slides way too easily. I would much rather have it as the twist ring.

        As for it's weight. The first day I used it; I was definately sore. A monopod or tripod is recommended as you will be holding more lens than camera.

        Results for me have been fantastic. I don't shoot much aviation, mainly sporting events. If you want some samples with the lens; shoot me an e-mail at [email protected].
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          Originally posted by Simpleboy
          No, He uses a 35-350

          I stand corrected........................... D'oh


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            There's a TON of people out there with this lens. Their pictures come out extremely clear and whatnot. Just do a search for "100-400" on JP in the remark category.


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              Adam's done a helluva job with it. It's the only long lens I would buy if I had a DSLR!


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                I just got this lens a few days ago... I feel like im fumbling around trying to use the push pull... miss out on alot of shots, its like starting all over again.... Hopefully I will get it down, alot of people have beautiful pictures with it, and I hope to join the group, if I can get ahold of this monster.....


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                  I have one, really like it. Don't mind the push/pull at all. I just remember to tighten the ring between shots and loosen it as the plane comes close enough to be able to shoot with it.

                  John Tavendale


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                    Look at my recent pics. I bought my 100-400 IS L lens a few months ago and wouldn't give it away anymore!!

                    That said, it always depends on what you are looking for. Some might suggest to get the 70-200 IS L lens, which has a superiour IS, and a 1.4x converter. This combination will cost you more but you will have other advantages. So, take your time, ask yourself, what exactly you need, and then go and get, what you feel is right.

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                      I must say that I chose the 35-350mm lens over the 100-400mm purely because of the location I shoot from the most.


                      This was shot at 35mm from the location I use the most. You can see that 100mm would be of no great use to me. So do give some thought to where you are going to use the lens and what it might limit you to. As for the push/pull you soon get used to it, just try and keep it away from dusty locations. I can't say I have missed the extra 50mm of zoom because I have never tried it. However I would miss the 35-100mm of zoom if I had to switch

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                        When i first got my 100-400, the biggest thing i noticed was the weight. You get used to it though, as you do the push-pull zoom. I probably got used to the zoom after the first full day of shooting with it. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.



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                          I have one and think it's a great investment. I need the 400mm on occasion and I need the IS all the time. I will admit that I'm on a learning curve when it comes to aperture.

                          The weight and push-pull are no factors to me. I adjusted to those factors in one session.
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                            I think I am getting used to this lens, and it isnt as hard as the first time I used it. The first photo outing got me a screeners choice! ( my very 1st one) I need the extra zoom here in Albany, where our traffic is 1/3 the size of the bigger airports. ( mostly RJ's and 737 size) I'm thinking the 100mm will do on a visit to some of the larger airports, that I have plans to visit later this year. ( I'll have to find a spot to adjust accordingly) All in all, its a good lens, with many more useable images each outing than the 75-300 I was pimping a few weeks ago.


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                              Have also got this lens and find it very very good. Push/pull zoom is the same as my sigma zoom on my non digital camera. F8 is a good aperture to use as it is in the middle of its range - quality does fall away at the higher end (say 350+) but can still give great results. All pics from this year have been taken with this or the 17-85IS lens