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  • Registration

    I submitted a photo of a king air 200 here, and I couldn't get the registration (It was on the planes door, which was open), and I couldn't walk onto the ramp to get it. The picture was rejected for undersharpening, and bad info (I'm assuming because I didn't have the registration). All I have are the last two letters. I went on the FAA website and literally look up every super king air 200 registered in the US. None matched this plane. What should I do to get it? Should I let it go because the reg. is gone?

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    Hi Jordan.

    Available from the upload menu is a 'Beechcraft B200 Super King Air' that your photo relates to. You can see it written below the cockpit side window. Also please do not type 'UNKNOWN', just leave it blank if you do not know the registration.

    Your photo is soft as it has suffered from too much jpeg compression. As you can see the fuselage and most details are surrounded by small 'dots'. If possible try saving your shots at a higher quality jpeg setting.



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      Thanks AJ. I failed to notice the B in the title. I submitted a different shot of the same plane, but I think it might have some compression as well.