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    I see that it is soft but is it just barely soft (as in do I just need to do USM one or two more times) or is it overly soft?
    Bobby DeBarge
    1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast

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    The plane is too blurry. I don't think any amount of sharpening will fix that. I'm afraid it's one for the personal collection.


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      Hi,nice side on shot but Im afraid I have to agree that no sharpening will help this photo because it will just make it noisy and maybe jaggies will appear, also I believe this photos suffers a little fro heat haze and heat distortion,just slightly but it is evident.Good shot otherwise.


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        I think distortion is more likely the cause....maybe a wee bit of blur as well. I think it would take significant sharpening to clean this one up, which will result in undesirable side effects.
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          yeah, thanks guys, this was just a shot I was taking before the Maryland One came in and I was just messing with the settings and thought it came out OK, the only thing I pretty much did was USM once but at a higher setting. That IS most likely heat haze, it's always here except when the sun isnt out. It's been like 90-95 the past weeks so...yeah thanks again
          Bobby DeBarge

          1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast


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            I disagree. I think the photo has a chance.

            Can I see the original?
            Will F.
            Photos: JetPhotos.Net | | General Photography


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              Sticking ya neck out there Will #1 !!

              Still without seeing the original it is hard to say.


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                How would I upload the original, it's like 2280X something which is too large for a free upload site....unless you want me to send it to you via email...just send me your email address
                Bobby DeBarge
                1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast