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Difference between 350D/Rebel XT (warranty)

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  • Difference between 350D/Rebel XT (warranty)

    Hi all,

    I'm waiting for my new 350D/XT. I have found out that 7dayshop are supplying XT's and not the 350D badged model. Does this mean my warranty is invalid as its a US camera bought in the UK from a UK distributor? Also are there any other differences i should be aware of?


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    I have no idea what your situation is or what or how your camera shop operates... but here in Hong Kong, if one knows where to look, one can find new camera equiment at reduced prices, because they import what they sell in Japan (per se) directly to Hong Kong and sell it there, without going through the official supplier. However, the consequence is you will only have a Japanese warranty card (in this case), which is useless in HK. Now, you will rely on the store to do your repairs...

    but, if the stock comes from Canon Hong Kong, then you get their one year warranty, and you can also exchange it for an international warranty for a shorter period (6 months I think?)
    That's the situation here anyway... see if it helps


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      Well this company is based in the UK only sells within the UK but has sourced the cameras from the US. So they can be competitive apparently.....