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Possible legal problem with this image? Need help please

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  • Possible legal problem with this image? Need help please

    I took this image at last weeks airshow and just uploaded it for screening - it's still in the queue.

    Could this possibly be considered a breach of military security (is there anything classified in the Hawk cockpit) or of personal rights if this is published here at

    From what I can tell:

    The crew person is recognizable, but as far as I know use for private, editorial or news purposes is legal without a "model release" (signed release from the person in the image).

    I was legally allowed to be at the flightline and take that image of the plane & crew, both by the Austrian Airforce and the Red Arrows. The briefing I got did not say anything about any restriction of publishing rights - in fact that wasn't even talked about.

    I'm thinking that for private, non-commercial use on a site like this I should be fine, I'm sure I'm covered as far as any claims by the Austrian Airforce (Operator of the Airbase) go. But I don't know if there are any special policys in place the RAF would enforce in regards of the Red Arrows.

    All input greatly appreciated.



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    It should be ok.If there was something specil in there they would'nt let you take the picture


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      Good point. That means classified stuff can't be there.

      So what it comes down to is uploading an image of a recognizable person to the internet, but with the added detail that this person is kind of a "public" person.


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        As a general rule if a person can be identified from your shot you need to obtain their permission before publishing. Saying that there are numerous shots where this does not happen - like this one of mine for example.
        Your shot is probably ok because if they did not want you taking pictures that close they would not of let you.


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          Well some of my shots were rejected from DX because, I believe they had WWII period actors showing in them as part of the overall composition. This was despite the fact that the actors were clearly seen posing for photos plus they were on the flightline as members of the publc were all walking along taking photos.


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            I would say the only problem would be if the picture was sold. For use personally, in magazines and on photo websites for people to look at should be OK.
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              Don't think the cockpit would be a problem cause they let you see it. And I don't think the pilot is a problem because a pilot is an integral part of aviation.