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Some Database Questions/Clarifications Please

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  • Some Database Questions/Clarifications Please

    I've always tried my best to make sure the data in photos I load is the most absolute accurate as it can be. I've even gone through a lot of my earlier photos posted on here "cleaning up" the data making sure it's up to the current database standards. Whoever has processed the many, many photo correction requests from me over the past several months thanks for putting up with me! I have two issues I want to bring up with the database editors and get a ruling on them. If I can think of more issues (which I have, but can't think of right at the moment) I'll post these as well.

    Aircraft Version Changes

    I've loaded some photos when the aircraft was a Y model, but the aircraft has since been modified to a Z model. Do all photos of the aircraft when it was a Y model get changed to Z? For example, many airlines purchased MD-81's. The have since been converted to MD-82's. Yet If I load a photo taken in 1982 when the aircraft was a MD-81, should it be changed in the database to a MD-82? Yes the aircraft is now an MD-82, but at the time the photo was taken it was an MD-81. It doesn't seem correct to me to blanket-change all photos of an airframe to its current version.

    Another example is United Airlines 767-300's. They were once all ER models, but in the past several years many of them have been downrated to non-ER models. N676UA is a non-ER model, but current photos of it are still indicating it is an ER model. Not to mention if I put the actual version (non-ER) in the Upload page it will be rejected for "Bad Info".

    Airline Changes

    My specific example here is the complete disappearance of Freedom Airlines in all of my photos. They have all been changed to Mesa Airlines. At the time I took photos of those CRJ's they were owned and operated by Freedom Airlines operating on behalf of America West Express (and they were added to the db as such). These photos have since been changed from America West Express (Freedom Airlines) to America West Express (Mesa Airlines). This seems to be incorrect to me also. Mesa has the aircraft now, but at the photo date they belonged to Freedom.

    Great Lakes Airlines is another example. They were once a United Express carrier, but that relationship was dissolved several years ago. Though many of their aircraft still carry United colors, they are currently their own entity. Many of my recent photos of Great Lakes Airlines have been changed to United Express (Great Lakes Airlines).

    What's the ruling on these two issues?

    BTW, I posed this in Aviation Photography and not Site-Related because it seems database standardization issues get posted here.

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    I think they should be uploaded as they were at the time of the picture, if you think they'll be rejected for Bad Info just put a comment to the screeners, saying that at the time of the picture the plane was an MD-81 for example, or was a -300ER airplane, etc.

    Would be nice to hear from the Screeners what do they think

    Felipe Garcia


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      What, is everyone on vacation or something? I know the database administrators read this forum. Come guys, let's hear your input!


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        We do have jobs you know.

        Our census will generally indicate the registration history for an aircraft on our screening page, so correct information will be confirmed. A note to the screener would also be appreciated. We do strive for accuracy.

        In an effort to tidy up our database we did have to do mass changes, which may have corrupted some information on some photos, but overall we increased the accuracy of our database ten-fold.