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So, I finally got one :)

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  • So, I finally got one :)

    I went down to Wolf Camera today an dpicked up my very first DSLR. the Nikon D70.
    What a beauty she is.
    I got the 1gig memory card, the 70-300mm Nikkor Lens, a lens cleaner, a free 3 hour course on the D70, 3 filters, 2 UVs, 1 Circular polarizer. I got a UV for each lens, the 18-70mm, and the 70-300mm.

    I'll be going to the airport tonight, I might post some up here to see what you guys think
    Bobby DeBarge
    1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast

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    Congrats on your DSLR!!!!!!! I can't wait to get mine...........

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      Congrats on the purchase!!


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        Congrats on the new DSLR, even if it is a Nikon. lol


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          congrats .. cant wait to see your pics..

          lol @ greg
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   get out there and start shooting!
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              Alright, here's a few of the better shots from this evening, how are they? There wasn't much light left so out of about 270 pics, about 10 came out good:

              This is my favorite:

              Bobby DeBarge
              1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast


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                Nice pics, congratulations on the new purchase.
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                Felipe Garcia


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                  Congratulations on your purchase and your first shots with it....they look great.
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                    Very good bobby, I enjoyed looking at the pictures, especially ones of Southwest Airlines

                    Anyway, congrats on getting the camera, and enjoy it.

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                      Nice!! I recently got my 300D also! Havent really tried it out yet tho!
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                        Originally posted by bobby
                        the Nikon D70.
                        What a beauty she is.
                        Couldn't agree more
                        You got some very nice stuff: camera, lens, card and all. First pictures look really nice, took me some practice to get a good panning shot!

                        cheers, Pamela


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                          Wonderful choice of gear there. Now, all you have to do is save up for your 80-400 VR Oh, and body building classes to hold it!



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                            Am I the only one not able to see any of the pictures?

                            Anyway, that's a nice purchase. The price of DSLRs have been coming down the past few months. I can find D70 + the 18-70 for under HK$10K


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                              The pictures look generally slightly soft, give them a kick of USM, the comair and the 328jet are blurry (And I'm not talking the background) so I'm afraid they're no-gos.

                              Man I remember my first few days of DSLR photography, all I wanted to do was go out and take pictures all day. It's a great feeling, and you'll have alot of fun with it.