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    So I decided to upgrade and pick up the Canon 100-400mm yesterday. As most of you know this lens just totally rocks. Itís orgasmic how great this lens is. I got it from Cameta Camera in Amityville on Long Island, great service!! I called them on Friday to see if they had it in stock and he said he had one left but he also had some Canon demos that were discounted. I was hesitant at first; spending this much money you want to make sure your getting a quality piece of eq. So I checked out the demo, it was totally mint, worked great and has Canon's full 1-year warranty. That was the real deciding factor on going with the demo. So in all I saved $350 off the normal selling price, enough money to pick up another great lens.

    I wanted a versatile wide angle zoom and was first looking at the Sigma 18-200mm, the 18-200mm got good reviews and the pictures were pretty decent for having such a large focal range. Unfortunately Cameta didn't carry it but they did have the Tamron 18-200. So I tried the Tamron out, OMG it sucked. The pictures from the Tamron were the softest I've ever seen. So being I wasn't going to go with the Tamron I asked him what would he recommend. He showed me a new lens by Sigma the 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 with SLD Glass and just for digital. So I tried it out and all I can say is wow. Its dead on sharp and it keeps the colors really well. If your looking for a great versatile lens thatís just for digital I'd highly recommend the Sigma. I'll be giving both lenses a nice workout next week when I'm in Alaska.

  • #2'll be very happy with the 100-400. Its worth every penny
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