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  • Rejected Images!

    Would someone care to comment on these rejected images & why ?

    This one was rejected for "Part of Subject Cut Off/Missing"

    but in the same upload screening this was accepted

    Getting the main aircraft central I cut the tail plains off!

    Same goes for this one "Part of Subject Cut Off/Missing"

    but these two both accepted again both in same upload as above


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    I sympathise with you, today I had a rejection for an image not being central in an effort to get the full tail plane in view. Last week I had a rejection because I cut the tail plane off to get the plane central. Different screeners have different views but this does lead to frustration on our part due to this inconsistancy.


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      I think you have some nice pictures here.

      The first BMI 737 could have been cropped more evenly. you have plenty of space in front of the nose and you could have used this to better effect on the other side of the picture to include more of the tail. Bit under contrast too perhaps??

      The DC-8 looks odd as a result of cropping both wing tip and tail. If you had the whole aircraft in the frame this would have looked much better. I guess that the acceptance was possibly due to the rarity of the aircraft.

      The second BMI 737 is simply cropped in an odd place too. Had it been cropped closer to the wing it may have been accepted as this would make a really great image.

      And having now just now seen your last too that were accepted I think they prove the point.
      Just my opinion!


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        The diffference between the top two shots is that the DC-8 has both wing and stabs cut off and is thus an ok crop, the first shot would have got in if you had either cut off part of the wing or not cut anything off at all.

        Shots taken from behind aircraft generally need to be either the whole plane or cropped from nose to wing-spar:


        I would usually make an exception to that rule for aircraft in a special livery so it may be worth appealing.

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          Originally posted by ibatc
          Same goes for this one "Part of Subject Cut Off/Missing"

          That is such a waste. You should have cropped at the end of the painting on the side and not crop the bicycle.


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            i would say the reason that bmi baby was rejected was due to the bicycle wheel being not cleanly cropped.
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              Hi All

              Thanks for the all pointers & suggestions,

              I'll have ago at recropping the BMI after the bike, and see how it looks

              Cheers to all