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  • Centering help.

    My acceptance ratio has gone way down. I'm in a slump! One of my biggest reasons is that I can't center the planes in the picture. Can someone give me advice on how to do this, because obviously I have bad judement. How can I use the grid in photoshop to help?

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    You should aim for the middle of the aircraft, using the + like point when cropping. This will be the best tool to help you centre the subject when cropping the image.

    Usually the centre will be the windows of the aircraft. Finally check as best as you can that the space you have between the top of the fuselage and the top of the image are equal to the space between the bottom of the fuselage and the bottom of the image. Then it should look something like this

    Hope that helps



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      Howdy, most of the time I draw a box around the aircraft with photoshop, and center the box. The top of the box is at the highest point of the aircraft, the lowest part of the box is at the lowest point, and the left and right are at the farthest points left and right. Works every time


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        I use the cross in the crop box, as G-DALE said. In addition to that I also use the grid and rulers in PS. You've really gotta be daft to screw up centering/level buildings with the grid overlay ........ That said, I've missed some despite the grid, I blame heat haze *ahem*


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          Don't mean to sound like a dumbass, but how will the grid help me. I just got four rejections in a row for the plane not being centered.


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            If the aircraft is centered, there should be a same amount of grid lines on either side. It's a little difficult when the aircraft is on an angle though. For those I check in two or three spots along with the ruler.

            Also, you can make your own settings for the number of lines in, and the spacing of the grid. Maybe even dividing your image into 9 equal boxes can help, most of the aicraft should be in the middle one. I haven't tried that, but I think I will ;P

            There's also guide lines, but thats more work than needed. You have to set them up each time I think based on the ruler. Haven't used them much because the grid works most of the time with out setting stuff up each time.