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  • Thoughts on these photos...

    Well I just bought by Rebel XT three weeks ago. And this was the first time I had spotted approaching aircraft with it. So please tell me if you think these are worthy of the DB. And if you feel a shot is worthy, but need a little sharpening or cropping plz tell. Thanks...

    My pics...

    Loving the 350D

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    One and two aren't too bad, but they do need sharpening. As does any image from a DSLR for that matter.

    Number three does nothing for me, the crop is odd and seems more like an accident than anything else.


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      Number three might look better if it was cropped after the A in NWA, and rotated so it was level insted of pointing downward.


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        Hi DJR.. I'd agree 100% with what Mark indicted.

        Plus it seems you might be shooting with a high sun? Your images are certainly getting there though.

        btw: Love your shot of the Ford Tri-Motor at Oshkosh. I had the chance to see it once a couple of years ago at Dayton. Marvelous aircraft.


        Mark - Your Air Canada CRJ 700 is hot!

        - Tom