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  • Ok Go Ahead

    Tell me what's wrong with this one....get it over with now... I can't take the waiting till the screeners slam it to me now!!!

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    Give me an hour and I'll pick the shite out of it.

    1... not centered.
    2 oversharpened.

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      It looks like the image was soft out of the camera, and you tried to cover it up with sharpening. So now, it looks soft, oversharpened, and grainy. And yes, it's not centered.

      You asked for it.
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        Thank you. I feel much better now.

        I wonder when the day will come when my eye will be so sensitive as to be able to pick up such subtle softness and oversharpening, because for the life of me, right now, if you show me a proper sharpened image and put it next to this one, I cannott see what others see.


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          I agree soft out of camera.I noticed your shutter speed was 1/500.In that light and time of day I would have set my aperture at say f7.1 instead of f8 or set ISO at 200.
          I really love that angle on the 747. You could try a re-edit and some selective sharpening, but on a better day you will nail it mate.


          PS. Check I'm not online before a question like that

          In regard to your last the oversharpening can be seen with the halos arround the landing gear (tyres) and under the fuselage.Compare that to the soft/out of focus lettering"Fly a young fleet"

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            Nice angle but soft. You'll get her next time
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