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Seriously, he needs bigger lenses....

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  • Seriously, he needs bigger lenses....


    Bobby DeBarge
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      First words...holy sh*t... should shoot a plane 10 miles out with that thing!


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        Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like that 600mm has a 2x Tele attatched


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          Cardboard cutouts.

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            Wonder how many times he falls over forwards when using those things... :|


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              Wow....thats all I can say!!
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                I hope he doesn't drive the gator around with $30,000 or whatever in equipment laying loose in the cargo bed.
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                  That's exactly what I was thinking.
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                    looks more like a 300mm f2.8 or a 400f2.8 with a converter on it.

                    its just the hoods that make i look big.
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                      Is it even possible to "spot" at an airshow with that beast on a tripod? I e-mailed a local shop about renting a fast lens for an airshow and they offered me the 400mm f/2.8 to pair with my D70. It's worth over $7,700! I don't think I want to hand hold a 10-pound lens all day!
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                        Originally posted by Crism
                        First words...holy sh*t...

               should shoot a plane 10 miles out with that thing!
                        my first words exactly! I see he is equiped to catch the damage to the shuttle tiles...from orbit! he may get a better pic than that new fancy camera on the arm.
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                          I think I know where hubble went after its retirement!
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                            I might be wrong but the lens on the far left looks like the 600mm f/4 IS lens which costs about $7,200. You don't even want to know what the 1200mm lens from Canon costs!


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                              LAPD: Requesting a SWAT Team Code 2, we got reports of a person having 2 RPG Launchers.
                              70-David(SWAT): 10-4, We're on the way. Please give the 20 of the vehicle
                              LAPD:LA Airshow, the vehicle is a John Deere Gator.
                              70-David: 10-4, going on the way.
                              70-David: Requesting a Bomb-disposal Unit
                              114 (Bomb Sq): Going on the way

                              A few minutes after.

                              (SWAT team makes a tactical leaving of the 'bus', all wearing heavy armour and M4A1s, Bomb Sq. mades a similar thing)
                              SWAT Leader: 70-David and 114, CODE5! ABORT! We have checked the area, no RPG's, just some Canon things.

                              I think the lenses are:
                              With the camera: Canon 1200F4L
                              Behind it: Canon 100-400LIS
                              Right of the camera: Canon 600F4L
                              Right of the 600F4L: Canon 400FL

                              I saw somewhere that the 1200F4L is priced around $11,000
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