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  • Information on Photo Uploads

    After many months of preparation we have defined the standards for information on photographs.

    Many of you will have noticed refinements on the information fields as we attempt to align the data to allow accurate searches and an aviation database that's second to none.

    The location and aircraft fields have already been locked to prevent erroneous information entering the database, now we will be locking the 'Airline' field.

    The primary means of obtaining the correct information will be use of the autofill. Enter the aircraft's registration and the location's four letter ICAO code, click 'Auto-fill' and check the information. The auto-fill may contain some information entered erroneously in the past, particularly for more obscure registrations.

    If you find the information to be wrong or incomplete then please complete the fields via the menus provided.

    If your required location, type or airline is not available read the instructions carefully to add the information you want. Follow the links and your addition or amendment will be screened by a database editor prior to you photo being added to the database.

    We have descibed the 'Other Location' and adding a new aircraft type before, the new change will be to airline names.

    New airline uploads will be available under five categories; Airline, Military/Government, General Aviation, Manufacturer and Other.

    For example if the operator of a corporate or general aviation aircraft is not available then the preferred option is to use 'Private'. Another option is to add the company name under the General Aviation category and await screening.

    The Hot Photo upload option will still be available, use the 'comments to screener' field to advise us of the airline name if it is new or not available on the menus.

    Please provide us with any feedback you wish via the forum, email or help desk. There may be some corrupted data as we rat out the bad information, I do ask that you bear with us. This site prides itself on being a two way street, as we are nothing without our contributors.

    The onus remains on the uploader to ensure that your information is correct! Take a few moments to run a photo or jetliner database seach to ensure that your patient wait in the upload queue is not rewarded with a 'bad info' rejection!

    Thank you.

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    Soren Madsen

    Spotting guide to CPH


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      Great Work!

      Any ideas on how many hours you all spent in standardizing the db?

      My photos on Flickr


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        I have a picture of a Dash8 to upload. When I hit the Airline>>Show Menu button and select the info, it doesn't add it to the menu add screen. The new box with the info just sits there.

        If I leave it blank and hit add, it will give a message telling me to add the info, and the text search works and returns the proper info but hitting the send button from the search doesn't work either.

        All the other boxes for aircraft type work though, so I'm not 100% sure it's just me.

        I threw the message in here incase it was something to do with the new menus.


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          Tried again while trying to upload a new Westjet picture... I played with other options and popups, and they all work ok except the airline.