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Matt Hom is officially the man

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  • Matt Hom is officially the man

    He flew out today from San Francisco for the day, brings both his 20D and his 300D, gives me his 300D and lets me keep it until mine comes back from the shop. Not only that, but he GIVES me 2 $50 gift certificates for Wolf Camera for when I go to buy a lens tomorrow. This amazing act of selflessnes still...amazes me.

    Matt Hom, if you're reading this, YOURE THE MAN!

    (btw pics from todays spotting soon to be in the Q)

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    Nice guy!! Anytime he wants to come up to the great white north tell him to feel free to give me a call! lol.

    Seriously though, thats generosity at its best.
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      lol shouldn't you be posting this on I don't think Matt reads this forum.
      Will F.
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        I would but I'm serving ban time on a.nets forum


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          hahahaa you da man Matt!

          im serving ban time on a number of forums. i have trouble keeping track of when my bans are up!
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            What the heck are you people doing or saying to get banned?
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              Originally posted by PT737SWA
              What the heck are you people doing or saying to get banned?
              We're fighting the man

              aka they are anal sons o' bitches over yonder


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                Nothing but making veiled references to But now that I've started the flame war, I apologize and will bow out at this time


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                  It was not an issue whatsoever. I was in town for the meeting anways! Next time we have a meeting we really need to get cracking instead of waiting for everyone to show up. Seeing Kyle, Alex, Jason, You, and Greg was nice and feel that we covered the game well...

                  In regards to letting you borrow my 300D;

                  My 20D serves me well and the 300D was just sitting in the bag with nothing to do. Plus I feel bad that you've had to shoot a silver camera for so long. In regards to the $50 cards. No biggie. I have always hated Ritz/Wolf as they don't provid the lowest prices and I felt bad you weren't getting the 100-400 . Good luck with the new glass, treat my camera well, and get out to California some time. From one friend to another, don't think a thing about it. Just send it home when you're done.

                  Kyle, however, needs to send me my glasses back!

                  Tell the entire DEN crew thanks for all the help and for meeting up on such short notice. I had a blast for what time I was there and hope to drop by some time soon. I was thinking November for when you're home and Kyle isn't all up about school and stuff...

                  Take care and I hope dinner didn't kill too many of you guys. I think she meant to spit in my food...

                  Thanks again,

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                    Wow the dinner hit you too? I'd hate to have been in sitting near the lav on that A320...

                    Anyway, the Sigma 80-400 OS performs quite well on your 300D


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                      Dinner didn't hurt me a single bit. She must have put something in all the minor's dishes . 22, what a joke!

                      Actually got stuck on a hellish 733. Feel bad for the poor guy who had to sit next to me. It was a bulkhead so the armrest didn't go up therefor I couldn't have leaned **that** far on him...

                      Good none the less,

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