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Canon 75-300USM III or Sigma 70-300 APO Super Macro?? Help Please!

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  • Canon 75-300USM III or Sigma 70-300 APO Super Macro?? Help Please!

    I'm also looking forward to buy a Canon350D.
    I have a low budget for the lenses since I study aviation (and I have to pay for my flying lessons).

    The Canon 75-300USM III seems to be a good option, but I have read the photos are a little soft when the entire zoom is being used, and that Chromatic Aberration is visible in some photos.

    A friend of mine told me he uses the Sigma 70-300 APO Super Macro on his Canon 300D and has great results. The Sigma lens specs say it reduces Chromatic Aberration.

    The other option I have, is buying just the Camera, without the lens kit and buy a Sigma 28-300.

    Which one would be a better buy for the 350D, considering there is no big difference in the price of both lenses?

    Daniel Umaņa
    Aviation photography of Costa Rica :rolleyes:

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    As I replied in the other thread, I use the 70-300USM IS lens and yes, sometimes at full zoom the images can be a bit soft but I can almost always correct this with some sharpening. Rarely does it cause a picture to be so soft I can't upload it.


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      I haven't had any kind of problems with my 75-300 III USM

      Felipe Garcia


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        I use the Canon 75-300 USM and just like it i have good result with and yes pictures are a bit soft when zoom fully extended but that is not such a big deal to solve. I would recommend to go for the Canon lens to match your Canon 350d.


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          i wouldn't really recommend the Sigma 28-300.