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Choices on a film SLR

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  • Choices on a film SLR


    I'm pertty sure this question has been asked many times (excuse me, I'm new), but can anyone recommend a good film SLR camera under say 400 USD? I may get one soon, and I want to know what are some of the good ones out there now.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Choices on a film SLR

    hmmmm, My first choice when I switched from a manual SLR to an automatic SLR is a Canon Elan 7e. The body itself cost like $500 and approx. $600 with a lense. I decided to get something cheaper like a Nikon since I couldn't afford the Canon Elan 7e since I was 17 years old without a job, which i currently use, and heard very good things about them. I own a Nikon N65 which is an awesome camera to shoot slides in perfect weather conditions. I bought the N65 package at my local Ritz Camera dealer for approx. $400 including a Nikkor 28-80mm lense...I also paid extra for my 80-300mm f/4.0-5.6 lense for $200.

    Another SLR camera for under $400, well, is a Canon Rebel 2000. I've heard some disadvantages to that camera from canon users. What I suggest is browsing thru camera shops at your local area like Ritz Camera or Penn Camera since they sell some nice SLRs.

    Hope this help.

    Kevin Cook

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      Choices on a film SLR

      A Canon EOS 300. it does everything that the D30 does as far as functions but it is 35mm film. And you can put whatever lens you can afford onto it...all the way up to a 400mm IS.
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        Choices on a film SLR

        Try a Canon Rebel Ti. $300 - $350 ish with 28-90mm lens.


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          Choices on a film SLR

          I thought it had a 28-80 mm lens? Oh well. I'd highly suggest the Canon. You can buy a nice 7?-300 mm lens for about $250.00 in the stores.
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            Choices on a film SLR


            I would suggest Canon, whichever you can afford. I use both a EOS30 (Elan 7E) and EOS 500. The 500 is quite slow on focusing but the EOS300 is very much better, as other spotters in Malta use it frquently. In my opinion, Canon AF is MUCH better for aviation photography than any other make of SLR. [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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              Choices on a film SLR

              I use the EOS 300 (Rebel 2000) with the 100-400mm IS L lens! Gives perfect pictures most of the times! But one thing the EOS300 can't do is the high FPS. [img]shake.gif[/img]
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