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  • Acceptance Ratio

    Let's see how the screening process has improved, and most of all, your photo quality.

    Copy the info on your queue page as follows and paste it here.

    (Period: Last 7 days)

    Period Totals (Your Photos Only)
    Total Screened: 43 % Accepted: 86.05%
    Total Accepted: 37 Total Rejected: 6

    (Period: Last month)

    Period Totals (Your Photos Only)
    Total Screened: 132 % Accepted: 72.73%
    Total Accepted: 96 Total Rejected: 36

    I think the screeners are doing a marvellous job!!!
    Every landing you can walk away from, is a good one.

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    2 x 2 Gig Sandisk Extreme III C/F

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    The screening process might be a little quicker due to the new screeners getting up to speed. But the screening criteria is still the same and the only way the acceptance figures go or down is purely down to the quality of the shots you photogs send us


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      5 photos uploaded within 30 day period, all accepted.


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        15 screened in the last month, per cent accepted 100. Haven't had such a good run before -- and it'll probably come to an end soon ...


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          This past week
          Number screened:27
          Total accepted:24
          Total rejected:3
          Percent accepted:88.89%
          For the entire month it's been
          117 screened
          81 accepted
          36 rejected
          I have a feeling the ratio is going to go down a bit. I submitted a few borderline shots.


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            47.57 % ... Enough said It's getting better though.
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