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    In ten weeks time I will be onboard BA054 from JHB International to Glasgow via Heathrow. I will be spending almost six weeks in Scotland, based in Gourock. Having said that, I would appreciate some "local knowledge" from our Scots Spotters on what/where/when info to ensure my 350d gets a tough workout.

    While on the subject - any of our fraternity who are looking to visit Johannesburg (or even South Africa) and want similar info - feel free to drop me a line and I'll see what I can come up with.

    Have fun people......

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    If your based in Gourock then Glasgow and Prestwick are your closest options.

    Get to Glasgow early! Most of the interesting big stuff has gone by lunch time. American 767, US Airways 757, Flyglobespan 767, Emirates 777, plus varied charter stuff. Depending on the wind direction there are some good photography spots.

    Prestwick gives a good opportunity to see Ryanair 737-800's...and Ryanair737-800's...and Ryanair 737-800's Get there on a Monday for a better variety of cargo stuff. Despite Ryanair, PIK will usually produce some kind of "surprise".

    Although it's a longer drive from Gourock a visit to Edinburgh on a summer's evening is well worth it. The north side offers a great viewing location when the sun is setting.

    Get in touch "off forum" if you like and I can give you more info and maybe arrange to meet up.

    My aviation images website -