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What causes this?

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  • What causes this?

    I was hoping somebody could answer this question for me. I've noticed a peculiar effect when watching planes landing. I don't see it on the same plane when it comes back around to take off. What it is is a haze or what I thought was a place on top of the fuselage that the paint had oxidized. I notice it particularly on the blue Southwest planes. But, it showed up on this US Airways craft too. Here is a small picture but the area I'm wondering about is still evident. Is it just the angle of the sun or maybe condensation?

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    Looks like a dirty fuselage. I think US Airways is pretty notorious for having numerous planes with crappy paintjobs.


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      Yea it looks like the paints worn off or something :S
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          Holey ....

          Didnt expected this by US, ..but what do you know.. Its rather old..They just need the new cs.

          Other than that, what a shitjob really !!
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            The paints oxidized and it hasn't been buffed in a while. The paint thins out after a while and eventually starts to peel/become oxidized. We treat oxidation at work on small props with a nice buff then a wax. They come out BEAUTIFULLY afterwards too. Nothing like taking the wings on a 1963 Mooney M20C from FULLY oxidized and chalky to shiny and sparkly!