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Best lense for Canon Rebel 300D/350D

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  • Best lense for Canon Rebel 300D/350D

    Hi folks,

    RE: Best Camera for taking model shots etc

    I have yet to buy the above camera (most likely a 350D) but I would like to do some research about the lense before I buy. Which lense would enable me to take sharp pictures and squeeze true colors. For eg:

    I am also impressed with the Nikon D200 but the dang thing is around $1600. I would not mind having it though.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Well most ppl would say L glass, as this is true, you dont want to spend thousands of dollars as you can buy cheaper glass and still get great results. its not always the lens and camera combo. If you have no clue what your doin, you wont be getting any results. Shop around and read reviews. I have the 350D and it is a great camera, light, fast and very reliabale so far. Im sure there will be many replies so just take everyones advice

    My 2 cents,


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      I guess most people will tell you to get the 75-300 USM from Canon. Afterall, that's the (un)official starting lens for a Canon SLR Double the price and you'll get the version featuring Image Stabilization. My only experience comparing the two of them was when I tried to focus on the same object in the store. IS is noticeably easier to handle, but I don't know any more than that. Someone else can give a better opinion.

      I've been trying on the Sigma 70-300 APO DG Macro the past week or so, bit cheaper than Canon. So far it seems to be quite decent with enough sunlight, but soft when wide open at full range, which is expected for something at this price level. I can't wait to finally get some nice weather so that I can go and take some action shots.


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        To start I'd geet the 75(now 70 I think)-300 from canon or the Sigma 70-300. I dont advise the Tamron 70-300. Dont make the mistake I did and pay twice as much for the IS version of the canon 75-300 lense, it still has the same "begginer" optics as the base version. As our flightless bird has said, you can polish a turd but its still a turd. Not that the 75-300 is a turd though, you can get GREAT pics with it! Its a great lense to start off with, and as you develope skills, you can get new lenses that are exelent. If you start out with a great lense, you wont learn the basics, IMO, so yeah, the Canon 75/70-300 and the Sigma are two great choices for a starter lense.


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          I think I will go for the 350D with the standard 18-55mm. Will get the 70-300 later unless I can find quite a deal.

          Thanks again folks!


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            I have the Canon 350D as well as the Canon 75-300mm lens. That lens has a tendency to produce images that can be a little too soft. I have the IS version and would suggest you look for a higher quality lens.

            Now which one, I donít know. Iíve been looking at getting a new one but right now it isnít in the budget. Iím sure others here can make good recommendations.


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              Originally posted by Dantheman
              I think I will go for the 350D with the standard 18-55mm. Will get the 70-300 later unless I can find quite a deal.

              Thanks again folks!
              That was the only lens I had on my 350D for almost a year. It is decent enough to do most projects that do not require range


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                Do you guys have links where I can see the samples of using high quality lense using 350D?

                However, I will be definitely waiting for recommendations on this forum.


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                  Hi m8

                  Take trip over to this forum it has lots of info and shots for everything canon


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                    For a start a DSLR is only as good as the lens on the mount , I would highly reccomend the new 70-300 USM IS lens from Canon , it's cheap and contains the new generation IS , suprisingly quick & light (compared to the 100-400L) and is easy on the battery I've had no trouble with mine whatsoever.

                    And the 70-300 IS also has two modes of IS over the one mode on the 75-300 IS




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                      I own the Tamron 70 - 300 and have had some good pictures with it. My only concern's with it are the CA problem, and the auto focus can be a little slow. Overall though, you get what you pay for, but I have found it ok, until I can afford to upgrade it!


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                        I don't think I've observed any Chromatic Abberation with the 70-300 IS at all , but as you say until you can afford it of course it's slightly softish @ the 300mm end but a great lens nonetheless


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                          I'm thinking of saving until I can afford a "Bigma", any one know of any reviews of this lense?


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                            I have the 75-300mm USM. As others have said it gets soft at the long end - I try to avoid zooming above 200mm and shots at full zoom are barely uploadable even with editing. Still, it does the business until I can afford something better. The 70-300mm, its successor, is said to be an improvement on the 75-300 but I don't know how significant the difference is.

                            Oh and by the way why does everybody write lense? In the singular you drop the e.


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                              Hey folks, do I really need the filter kit for about $200?