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    Originally posted by atco
    Oh give me a break, trying to intimidate you. Get over yourself, you are not that important.
    Never said I was. But you seem to think you are.

    I suggest you read:

    Specifically: "All other reproduction is prohibited except in accordance with a Usage Agreement as described below"
    Kinda boring to read fell asleep twice......

    ..... I strongly suggest you remove the image.
    If you want it pulled talk to a Mod. I'm not touching it. But considering some of the other crap posted here............

    Using your rationale it would be OK for say CNN to use anyones image from here or by simply including the copyright bar, and that would be OK would it?
    You clearly know nothing about copyright.
    I'm sorry to no respect your superior legislative authority on the issue. But it says ATC behind your name I did not know it said copyright lawyer also I must have missed that. Could you point that part out to me?

    I don't recall asking for opinions on ATI business practice or policy, if you could point me to where you found that, please let me know.

    I am hardly asking to change the site, all I asked for was for those that want to, they be allowed to watermark their images. Why is it so difficult for you to grasp that choice is a good thing?
    If you don't want to view any images that are watermarked, be my guest. The other alternative is that they never get seen at all. Most rational thinking people would suggest that viewing a watermarked picture that may be of interest is better than not seeing it at all.

    You wanted an opinion on it. So I gave one.

    Steve, I respectfully disagree, he does not have permission from the photographer to re-post the photo here, and is in violation of ATI terms and conditions, simply including the copyright bar is irrelevant.
    not directed towards me so no comment needed.


    I do not take photo's for money. If I have some extra time and happened to be at the local airport and have my camera I might snap off a couple but I make zero dollars off these photo's. Could I make money off photo, I guess if I tried, but call it lack of motivation or whatever I just don't really care to.


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      Wow, you really have nothing to say do you?

      Nice try to bait me further, but why bother. You obviously lack the intelligence and brain power to engage in reasoned conversation so we might as well leave it there.
      You can only respond with lame attempts to be funny and smart, you have given us your opinion on the point of the thread, I'm really not sure where you are trying to take it now.
      The crew are working on the issue, I'll trust their judgement to do whats best.
      Garry Lewis

      Air Team Images -
      Air Traffic Controller - Toronto ACC (West Low)


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        Ok here is my choice for the watermark!

        I used my own photo so another member won't get bent out of shape!


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          Photo by, hmmm thats a new one.

          Soren Madsen

          Spotting guide to CPH


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            Understand that it is not that is adding the watermark to the photo, but the individual photographer that decides to add this feature to his photos. The watermark feature is optional and imho photographers should use it wisely and not on every photo they upload.
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              wow, this thread reminds me of almost all of the threads over at
              Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
              Forever New Frontiers


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                Some very interesting thoughts. I prefere to see pictures without watermarks. Thats just me. I hate and do not listurn to radio stations that chat over the records, I wouldn't buy a book with copyright logos over every page. Believe me, if slightly soft, cropping, dust spots are distracting, watermarks on a "web viewing site are."

                I understand the comments about special permission photos, exclusive images etc, but is this site the place? I thought This site was a common place for aviation / photography enthusiasts to share images and getting something special was between you and the other users. A personal satisfaction, rather than a commercial opertunities thing. I don't think Jet Photo's intention was ever to be interface with people offering mega money for the use of a picture. Try starting "" and see how many people come along to view small, low res images covered in anti theft text and devices, see how many buy, I don't know? You are not going to steal this idea?????

                The bottom line is that I think 99% of high quality aero images, sadly, have very little commercial value because so many people are willing to share their images for free.


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                  Originally posted by thecloudbuster

                  I thought This site was a common place for aviation / photography enthusiasts to share images and getting something special was between you and the other users. A personal satisfaction, rather than a commercial opertunities thing.

                  I've had more commercial requests to use my images uploaded here than the ones on my site because I upload at a lower res. My limit here is 1024 which should give any commercial company an idea how the image would look Hi Rez.

                  When I started uploading my shots on webshots in full frame I was contacted by a artist friend that told me all I was doing was allowing people to print my shots on their own. Since I resized them & watermarked them the number of downloads dropped drasticly. So are people just using these DB's to view, or use the images


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                    Originally posted by atco
                    Firstly *edited: Thanks Gabe*

                    Secondly tell me how it is any of your business?

                    I'm not going to discuss ATI affairs with you, end of discussion.

                    Tell me why its such an issue for you when its an optional scheme?
                    Don't want to use it, then don't bother, don't want to view a watermarked image then don't open it. Simple really.
                    Just with that, on there is no way of knowing which ones are watermarked, some sort of thing next to the thumbnail it's would be nice to see if this goes ahead on here.

                    And kcmh, the reason ATI don't need watermarks is because the image files are a much lower resolution.