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Scratched sensor?

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  • Scratched sensor?

    Either I have a dustspot that can't be blown off or my sensor is scratched, in which case, i've uploaded my last pictures because I can't afford to fix it. Is there any possibility that it's just a stubborn dust spot that won't come off? I've NEVER stuck anything inside there or touched or poked the sensor so I don't get it. Just to show what I'm talking about here's a pic where it's visible.
    It's above the comerica sign between the c and the a.

    And please no one tell me I'm screwed. It's the last thing I want to hear.

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    Try a speckgraber or something. If it moves you are save.

    You can also use Sensorbrush, sensorswaps or sensorwand with PecPads and Eclipse fluid. The speckgraber should be the cheapest solution though. I think it is some sticky dirt.
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      i agree..a sensor swab should do the trick..but if you aren't mechanically inclined to do it yourself should take it in and get it cleaned professionally. It is very easy to do but if you should fail..u will void your warranty
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        I'm probably going to ask the parents to take it where I took it the last time. It costs only 25 bucks and they did a pretty good job of cleaning the sensor and viewfinder and all that. Like I've said, I really don't see how I could have scratched it but I'm still worried about it.


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          I dont think thats a scratch.. Tell me one thing that can make a scratch this small... I think its dirt basically.... No you are not screwed !
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            Clone -----> fixes everything!


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              Or simply use the healing tool ...Works better than just cloning it....
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