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Aspect ratio and cropping.

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  • Aspect ratio and cropping.

    Whenever I try to use the 3:2 aspect ratio thing when I crop it makes cropping very difficult (limited range of motion with the mouse) Am I doing something wrong?

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    Un-check grid in ................view/snap to/grid
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      I'll try that Greg. Thanks.


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        Ahhh ...

        Thats beacuse PS has the overall control as like you said, the limited area such as the 3:2 crop. You control the size while PS controls the frame
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          Hmmm looks like I can't do that.


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            I assumed you were using grid but it would be one of the snap to commands.You need to have a picture opened to allow changes.
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              Thanks Greg, been looking for that for a while now but couldn't find it

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                Hmm I still can't figure this out (I feel like a douche lol). How does everyone else crop and not have all this trouble. I can't crop with this aspect ratio with out ps lopping off a part of the aircraft or something like that. I've never really seen cropping with the 3:2 aspect ratio explained in depth.


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                  To crop to the 3:2 aspect ratio it is very simple.

                  When the crop tool is open, put the number 3 in the width box and the number 2 in the height box. This will lock your cropping box to the 3:2 aspect ratio. Now when you select your box you will only crop an area which adhere's to the 3:2 aspect ratio. Now you have to play with the box size to get it to include all parts of the aircraft using the corner tools to enlarge the entire box.

                  I hope that makes sense.

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                    Thanks Chris I've got it all worked out. Sorry for not posting this sooner haha.


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                      View > Snap. As is you'll see a checkmark next to snap, so just uncheck it and you'll have full motion with the mouse.