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How would you center this one ?

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  • How would you center this one ?

    I want to get the whole piece there in the frame, See the sample below.

    The Body itself wouldnt be in center if done like this, Any suggestions from my fellow spotters?
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    You need to lower it a little more , forget about the fuselage in the centre you need to lower it to compensate for the starboard wing and high tail which will give it a more balanced feel


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      Thanks alot Will. I appreciate this !

      Im a noob on this kind of angles.

      But thanks. I'll use your guidance in the future. I never look at it this way Wing and the high tail.


      How about now, does this look better to you ?

      Click on the thumbnail below

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        It's better but it looks too low in the frame now lol do u have the original handy?


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          Alright, I'll set it up a little higher on the third orig_re-edit. Thanks for your help and pre-screen !
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            There should be the same amount of space over and under the fuselage.

            Soren Madsen

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              Personally speaking, I think I would tend to equalise the distance between the top of the tail fin and top of frame and the bottom of the left outer engine and bottom of the frame. I'm at work at the moment and don't have any editing software to try this out but I think you'll find the fudelage centreing will follow naturally.

              !!!!fudelage!!!!.......lets try "fuselage".

              Bloody uneducated keyboard. LOL.
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                Thanks alot to all of you. Somehow I was focused only at the horizontally space and forgot all about the space vertically. But I got it now. TY
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