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  • Portents of Something Nasty ?

    I haven't uploaded any photos for ages - taken a little break, and also the weather here in the UK has been absoulte *swear word goes in here*

    I have just looked at how the sceening is going (I used to be a screener, then one day found I wasn't !) and saw that the first five have been screened once, and all have been rejected ?

    Could someone please tell me what is wrong with this ?

    Image removed, please see photo in Garry's post below
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    From what I can see Don, the image seems to have been accepted?


    As do all the others ?

    Nice to hear from you again, hope you are well
    Garry Lewis

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      From the screening history, it appears both screeners voted to add the picture. So where did you think you had seen that it had been rejected?


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        Hi......simply because the info I was presented with in the members' section stated as follows (at the time, and not verbatim) :

        Photos screened : 4
        Phots rejected : 4

        Yes that has been accepted - thanks (and hi Garry, hope all is well), however this one has been rejected and it makes my blood boil !

        It was rejected for "backlit" (is there a law which says that you have to take a picture with the sun behind you ??), "overexposed" (IMHO absolute cr*p with a capital c) and "horizon unlevel" !!!

        With rejections like this, I can see why some people (and it's quite a few) are saying that Jetphotos is becoming as bad as that "other" site.

        I do hope not !

        (And before people start bitching because they think I am averse to taking criticism, I have already re-uploaded two other rejections that were rtejected for perfectly good reason.)

        Also one thing to note - two helicopter rejections were presented email to me at the same time - I appealed one, and wasn't able to appeal the other (message said "already appealed" - one for the software expert ?)
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          Nice pictures Don, and I see why you are a tad on the p****d off side. But, as we used to say "Nil Illegitimum Carborundum"



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            I thought you would of known a little better than this as you were indeed a Screener here.
            The helicopter is absolutely backlit and soft for sure , I can't judge the horizon because I have nothing to gauge it off so I will have to take you on your word with that issue..

            Secondly It's below par for a 1600 pixel shot , far too soft IMO.




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              Well, Will, if you think that then please have all my photos removed from this database !!!


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                For a 1600 pixel upload, that shot is really soft.

                It is hot/overexposed on the nose.

                Horizon is questionable, but I can see that the whole picture maybe sloping downwards from left to right.

                Backlit for sure.

                Having just had a look at it PS it looks a lot better if you add some sharpening.

                1600 pixel shots show up problems a lot more easily, maybe re-uploading at 1024 might work.

                I'm surprised that as a former screener you acting this way when you should know whats expected at Jetphotos, especially from larger uploads. If you think your hard done by, appeal, or re-upload at a lower resolution.


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                  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture - to say it is backlit is quite ridiculous. There are much worse pictures that have been accepted to this database !


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                    Don, the photo is backlit and soft im afraid. Whether you choose to accept this is up to you. If your going to ask why shots have been rejected, then get your answer and fly off the hook demanding your photos be rejected then so be it. It seems somewhat of a drastic move on your behalf and not something we would wish. But as i said, its up to you. As you said you havenít been around for some time here and im afraid in that time our standards have increased, naturally. If you hadn't noticed we also have a topic in the processing forum to give advice on photos you may not be sure would make it into the database for whatever reason. Personally I would have posted the shots there before uploading them to gauge what the current level of acceptance is at. Not only would this have given you advice on possible editing of the shots but would also give you a clearer definition of what is acceptable to our database. As has been said if you choose to upload at 1600 pixels then the photo should be of the up most quality. The horizon issue is a tricky one. From first looking at the shot id say it was un level. You say the apron is not level, how can we judge this? With no vertical reference points in the shot and taxi way markers that are to leaning to one side, the obvious conclusion to come to is that the shot is not level. Even if it is the fault of the un level ramp, would it look so terrible to level it? You'd probably think so, but its just an idea. If your un sure as to why you were let go from the crew please feel free to contact: [email protected] as im sure you'll appreciate it's not really fair to discuss these issues on a public forum.

                    Hope we can all come to a conclusion to suit everyone. We'd hate to think we've lost a photographer from the site due to a few rejections.


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                      Backlit my arse !

                      Once again I come across this ridiculous notion - I will give way on the soft issue, perhaps it would be better a little smaller, however I will not give way on the backlit issue.


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                        i'm going to put my hand up to this, backlit the shot is 110%, you know how i judged it's horizon, not by a bollard but by the landing gear, look at the nose wheel gear and how it leans totally clockwise. 1600 and that soft = reject. i'll make no apology either because i've read the emails you've sent.

                        i messed with it and you might want to eat your words now? i rotated it nearly 1 degree and it's probably still not right.

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                          It's travelling down a slope !!


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                            actually, it's travelling across the page, if it was going down a slope then the slope would be from front to back, i've rotated and it looks much more level now even with the slope. it's alot more lighter then your edit too.
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                            USA/DXB August.


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                              Originally posted by donzdonz
                              Backlit my arse !
                              Looking at the shadow on the ground, then yes its backlit, your arse or not! The sun is not right infront of the helicopter but behind it, end of story because the shadow is a give away. The overexposed nose on the helicopter is borderline IOM, but it is lit so that the details on the nose is almost gone.

                              It's travelling down a slope !!
                              Did you leave a note to the screeners about that? I guess not. How are we to know the airport you have been to, what the aprons/taxiway are like, if its sloping down hill or level, we realy can't know that unless we are told by the photographer.

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