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A weird shot, might be ok?

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  • A weird shot, might be ok?


    Quite a strange shot taken in Central London

    I can't believe that managed to get where it has, a very skillful pilot

    Opinions grateful


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    Good shot, but I don't know. The foreground obstruction in the left (a stoplight ?) is kind of distracting..I think it may be a tad unlevel, too (that may be due to the fact that I only have one shoe on ).
    Hope this helps!


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      i also think it's soft and too much jpeg compression there.
      Good luck with htis shot


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        I agree with both comments.


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          I agree, but it is a very unique shot...however, it might be good for your personal collection only...I would still try it though!
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            Very cool shot inded But the trafficlight dosn't help covering the tail.
            Soren Madsen

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              Thanks for that guys

              Yea i might give it ago, it was taken with a P and S so it aint going to be amazing anyway

              Just thought id share a few other shots ive got of it lifting off the ground and a slight closeup of the front



              Nikon D3 - Nikon D2x - Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S VR - Nikon TC-14EE - Nikon TC-17EE - Nikon SB900 -Nikon AF-S 600mm F4 VR


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                Interesting shot....can't believe he managed to get in there.

                Is that really a corporate advertisement on the side of an air ambulance? lol
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                  Yes it is-if they help pay for the running of the air ambulance they are welcome to have their names on it, I don't think that heloicpoter is paid for from our taxes (although it should be).

                  I'm more surprised that the pilot has gotten away with parking his helo in a no parking zone and hasn't been clamped

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                    If yopu get the first shot level and sharp without bringing out the noise too much, then I would overlook the foreground clutter given the very unique location the shot was taken. Worth a try imho. And I suggest to add a few words of explanation on where the shot was taken etc.