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How about Sigma 70-300mm DG APO for Nikon ???

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  • How about Sigma 70-300mm DG APO for Nikon ???

    I'll buy a new tele lens Sigma 70-300mm DG APO (red stripe) to replace the Tamron 70-300mm LD borrowed from my friend .
    I need some advices about this lens for photograph .

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    I have used it on the Canon 10D and was very happy with it. Very good lense. Did break though just one month after the waranty expired. So you might want to take the extended waranty! Probably just a case of bad luck as I never heard of someone having the same problem, but you never know.

    BTW, the zoom mechanism broke. I can zoom out, but not zoom in and the autofocus is messed up.
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      A very good lens and value for money.I still use mine (Pentax mount) and in good light conditions image quality is not far off the EX range.Be careful of the zoom action,as a lot seem very stiff/sticky.I picked the best of the bunch,and mine has this problem,which does not lessen with time.So if your retailer has a few in stock try them all.Make sure you try the action with the lens mounted......if the action is too sticky it is a real problem for aviation photography.I would also suggest you look at the Nikkor 70-300 f4-5.6G as a comparison on build quality.It should be around the same price as the Sigma.
      If there are any users of the Nikkor here they may wish to comment.I don't know what your budget is but Sigma have a 28-300.It is about twice the price,and also f6.3 but may be worth some research.
      Do a lens search on the DB for examples.............all mine prior to May !2th 2005 were taken with the Sigma 70-300.
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        Hmm, I prefer the Tamron or Nikon AF 70-300G, to me the Sigma it seems the worst built of the 3. Just make sure you get the Di version of the Tamron.
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          Originally posted by seahawk
          Hmm, I prefer the Tamron or Nikon AF 70-300G, to the Sigma it seems the worst built of the 3.
          Is that personal preference or fact?
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            I use the Nikon 70-300ED and I'm very happy with it. Before that I used a Sigma 70-300 but IMO the Nikon is better.
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              HI, thanks for your comments
              The Tamron 70-300mm I got is the old version .
              I though to new version of Tamron (showing at PMA2006) but I didn't have enough money for it . So I chose Sigma for the same quality as Tamron or Nikkor 70-300mm


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                Hi, I used to have a Nikon 70-300 G, but found it wasn't working well on my D70 - seemed quite soft and out of focus at the long end. Now have a 70-30 ED and am more than happy with it. It feels better, and the results are far superior. Its worth the extra money.
                I also used to have a Tamron 70-210 on my old Nikon F-301, had that many years and never had any problems. I would prefer Tamron over Sigma, thats just my personal opinion though....