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Is there a "use of photos" legal notice on

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    Originally posted by Mungous
    So what your saying is that people can actually use Getty Images, Reuters, Corbis' and the thousands of other photos taken every day without permission because those photos aren't registered with the copyright office?
    I never said photos can be used without permission if they are not registered. What I said was that you are less able to protect your rights as a US-based photographer if you do not register your photos. Perhaps a lot of people accept that, rather than go to the expense of registering all the photos they publish. I have no idea what Getty etc do.

    Look, I've given my source. Here it is again:

    If you think I'm wrong, fine. But instead of theorising, how about if you check the source for yourself then tell us what your own interpretation is? It's not too much work is it?