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  • Centering issue


    Just wondering what you thought of this. Ive still got some work to do with it, but im not sure if its centered correctly. I tried to crop to both winglets but it looked too far to the right. I want to get this right, as its an unusual appearance at Heathrow of a virtually brand new Nigerian Air Force 737 carring The President of Nigeria

    Any advice would be great


    Nikon D3 - Nikon D2x - Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S VR - Nikon TC-14EE - Nikon TC-17EE - Nikon SB900 -Nikon AF-S 600mm F4 VR

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    Hi good capture.

    I have had a play. At the moment I think that it is too "right heavy" I think to include the whole aeroplane in a balanced composition requires a reasonable amount of free space to the right of the port winglet which you may or may not have in the original image. This would put the fuselage centre in the frame. However my experience shows that this image would probably be rejected for having too much "dead space" even though this "dead space" was balancing the image.

    The other crop for JP is keeping the aeroplane central and going closer. This involves cropping the port wing just inboard of the winglet, and the starboard wing gets cropped off near the outer edge of the flap. This is a pitty because it removes the winglets from the image, and too me they are key.

    If this is a rare aeroplane then you may get a way with a bit more than freedom than a more regular capture.

    Best of luck

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      The biggest hurdle you face with this photo Ben is the exposure issues.
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